Tea Tasting Experience

Be sure to experience your very own tea tasting experience for only $5 per person. Just sign up at the Organic Marketplace.

You'll receive the following:

  • You'll be shown by a master who operates one of the largest organic green tea farms in Korea on how to best brew your very own green tea for a delicious drink (value $20).
  • Then watch a short video on why this organic green tea is one of the very best in the world so you can truly appreciate how valuable these green tea products are.
  • You'll also be able to drink a liquid extract of green tea (value $10) as well as 'eat' green tea for even greater health benefits.
  • A medical doctor will also give a brief presentation on the health benefits of green tea for cancer prevention, heart disease and stroke prevention, neurologic and other illnesses.

Food Menu

We strive to offer delicious food items, created with organic or natural ingredients. Our green teas are of the highest quality organic teas in the world and our sourdough bread is made from local organic flour and our cultured butter are fermented over many hours. We offer desserts and drinks using organic green tea. Be sure to taste our very own artisanal crafted sourdough bread and cultured butter along with delicious and healthy organic green teas at the Tea Festival!