Belcarra Tea Festival at Camp Howdy


Thank you to all our guests for making the Tea Festival a great success, from Mayor Drew and the Belcarra council, tea aficionados, nature lovers, volunteers, park rangers and the great weather. We look forward to hosting you again next June. If you are interested in quality green tea, feel free to visit 8 Corners.


Attention: The White Pine Beach gate entrance may be closed because it is very busy. just Let the park ranger know you are attending the Tea Festival and they will let you in. For directions to White Pine Beach, type "Camp Howdyinto Google Map,  And follow Signs to Camp Howdy in White Pine Beach.

8 Corners, the host of the Belcarra Tea Festival, invites the local community of Belcarra and Greater Vancouver to enjoy the idyllic, serene beautiful setting of pristine forest air and beautiful water and mountain views in Belcarra Regional Park at Camp Howdy. Enjoy the day with friends and family, sipping the best organic green teas. savouring delicious desserts and foods, and watching live musical performances.